An Arcosanti-inspired all-in-one. Laidback utility styling, a minimalist finish and sun-faded for that workwear feel. In an image taken from our Spring/Summer 2015 campaign, 1970’s bohemian counterculture is brought into the modern day with the ultimate denim piece for the free-spirited.


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Exclusively available from Monday 23rd March, a new limited edition jean is launching within our pop-up shop in the Selfridges London Denim Studio. Just 20 pairs of the Breathless Mac - a classic, mid-blue wash - have been specially produced and feature carefully placed, authentic rips on the knee. 

Available now from Selfridges London, 400 Oxford Street, W1A 1AB.


Cuckmere Haven, where the River Cuckmere reaches the English Channel on the picturesque East Sussex coastline provided the location for our Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign shoot.


Shot at No.5 Coastguard Cottages, alongside the famous Seven Sisters white cliffs, the location provided the perfect backdrop for the season’s hero pieces in sun-faded denim and washed out chambray.



With basic amenities and no central heating or electricity, the cottage harks back to a simpler time, referenced in the vintage authenticity of the Spring/Summer collection.


Find out more about Cuckmere Cottage, including the oil and watercolour painting workshops they run here.


Globally renowned retail destination Selfridges opened on London’s Oxford Street in 1909. Having a passionate belief in the theatre of retail, the infamous founder Harry Gordon Selfridge coined new ways of attracting shoppers with exhibitions and events in store.


Known for elaborate window displays almost as famous as the bright yellow bags, Selfridges has been awarded the accolade of Best Department Store in the World three times by the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores (IGDS).



In 2013, the 26,000 square foot Denim Studio was opened on the third floor. The 26,000 square foot space boasts over 11,000 pairs of jeans to choose from, and is currently home to the MiH Jeans’ pop-up shop coinciding with London Fashion Week.


‘Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed. chronicles Joseph Kosuth’s investigation into the role of language and meaning in art through his use of neon.


An important pioneer of conceptual art, the exhibition features 25 of Kosuth’s neon works. Kosuth initiated language based works and the use of photography in the 1960’s. His art strives to explore the nature of art rather than producing what is traditionally called ‘art’.

Living and working between New York and London, the artist characteristically turns his investigations of language and perception into series’ of neon works. He finds this layout opens up space for play and reflexivity. Kosuth’s work frequently references Sigmund Freud’s psycho-analysis and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language. 


‘Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed.’ by Joseph Kosuth will be showing at Sprüth Magers London until February 14th

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