Seeing Stars

4 May 2012

We spotted this striking image of Anjelica Huston modeling flares and stars (two of our current style obsessions) on Pinterest, and we had to share it with you.  Photographed by Bob Richardson for Vogue Paris circa 1971, we think this image is equal parts cool and chic. 



Image courtesy of Pinterest 


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Drawing Jean

1 May 2012

We've fallen in love with UK artist Clare Owen's charming illustrations.  Beautifully whimsy, Owen's work explores themes of adventure and femininity.  Her drawings of Jean Seberg in the film Breathless (the inspiration behind our Breathless jean) are among our favourites.  Visit our Illustrations Board on Pinterest to see more of our favourite illustrations by simply clicking here





Images courtesy of honeykennedy    

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Iconic Style

3 April 2012

Uniquely striking, Nico spent her teenage years modeling throughout Europe before fleeing to New York where she caught the attention of Andy Warhol and his Factory crowd.  Under Warhol’s guidance, she joined forces with his in-house band, The Velvet Underground, singing lead vocals on one of the most legendary rock albums of all time, The Velvet Underground and Nico.



Her wide eyes and high cheekbones made her a 60s standout, but it’s her undeniably modern sense of style that has made her an enduring fashion icon and the inspiration behind our iconic blue jean, the Nico.



In celebration of Nico’s low maintenance, high impact style, we’ve created a Pinterest board showcasing her best looks.  Check it out here.


Images courtesy of tomboystyle and bbc.

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Going Global

16 March 2012

This Barcelona globe shop is the ultimate specialty store, and it would definitely be one of our first stops on a trip around the world.



Images courtesy of Ink and Post.

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