22 March 2011

We commissioned the Custom Cookie Company to make some cookies for our Autumn Winter 2011 UK Press Day. Sent our logo and a picture of the Marrakesh jean, this is what they came up with. The dove cookie made the cut.


* We realise that sharing two confectionary related blog posts in a row might make us seem slightly food obsessed, which isn’t far from the truth.

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12 November 2010

Last week our PR team held a Spring Summer 2011 Press Day in the super cool , Stockholm. The collection was hugely popular even if looking at Cornflower Blue Capri Pants and Beach Slub Tees did make everyone who attended mourn the summer. Among the attendees was the adorable Swedish blogger, Frida Fahrman , who turned up looking extremely stylish for such a bitterly cold day.

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